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Our Equipment

We use high end equipment to take pictures of the inside of your ears, before and after earwax removal. We also use a sophisticated microsuction machine to ensure your earwax is removed safely.

Head Loupe O Scope

Vorotek O Scope Head Loupe


DeVilbiss VacuAide Portable Suction Unit 7325P-U

Video Otoscope

MedRx USB Video Otoscope

Zoellner Tube

Zoellner Tube

Rosen In Different Sizes


Dry earwax removal tool - cerumen ear hook

Cerumen Ear Hook

Dry earwax removal tool - jobson horne

Jobson Horne

dry earwax removal tool - crocodile forceps

Crocoodile Forceps

olive oil spray earol

Earol Olive Oil Spray

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